Listen To and Record Your Unborn Baby


Written on Monday, January 29, 2007 by Gemini

For most people, a baby is a reason of great joy and excitement, and almost all young parents would love to hear the movements and sounds made by their offspring while still in his/her mother’s womb. However, up until now, that was possible only by visiting a specialized physician, but things are about to change, since a company called Unisar has developed a very special device, called FirstSounds, which allows parents to hear the baby's heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups in the privacy of their own home.

Moreover, the device even lets users record the sounds made by the baby and share them with the family, or keep them as a memory for years to come. The FirstSounds Prenatal Heart Listener comes with a learning tape with fetal sounds, so that parents will know exactly what to expect, a fetal monitor, headphones, a recording cable, and a special adapter for the users’ own headsets, thus allowing the parents to enjoy the sounds of their unborn baby together. This very useful device works with one 9-volt battery and is available at various online retailers for around 40 US dollars, which is a pretty small price for some memories that will last a lifetime.

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