Mobile Against Drunk Driving


Written on Tuesday, January 02, 2007 by Gemini

Tokyo: Japanese drivers wondering whether they had too much to drink can now seek advice from their mobile telephones.

Japan’s second largest mobile operator KDDI has helped develop a combined breathiliser and telephone that will let bus and taxi companies know if their drivers can take the wheel.When drivers blow into a tube on the machine, the device measures their level of intoxication and immediately sends the results to their company’s computer via the phone.

And the drivers have nowhere to hide. The phone – called the Alc-Mobile – transmits snapshots of their faces and details on their location using the satellite-based Global Positioning System.

If the driver is inebriated, sirens will ring at the bosses’ computer.

Four hundred sets of ALC-Mobile – a two-piece set of a breathiliser and telephone – have been sold to over 30 companies at a price of 89,000 yen (Rs 33,000 approx) each.

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