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Written on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 by Gemini

A recent research survey on rising obesity levels in the world shows that 60% of world's youth is over-weight and more than 35% are on the verge of becoming obese! Japan has already seen spurt of obese young children!! Other countries are not much behind... Another survey reveals the shocking facts that more than 70% of children are under-nutrient! They are not eating healthy, nutritious food!! So where are we headed? Will we see a world where there are cheerful, young, charming, fit & fine people around us; or a world with oversized, obese, dull people? No one knows what will happen in future. But we can control many things that will affect our future.

We can control the obesity amongst ourselves, and primarily children. Don't believe me. OK. Let me explain. I am presenting to you a unique chance to "own" your own calorie meter, which will guide you on how much calories you are consuming, what is the nutritional value (carbohydrates, fibers, etc.) of whatever you are eating, and what should be your diet to maintain good physique... Here is the superb Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal. It has a lot of benefits over other calorie counters:It is easy & fast, so that it becomes easy for you to track your day-to-day diet. It is flexible, as it can work on any sort of diet you prefer. You name the diet, it will track it!It is 100% FREE - now that is something to die for.

Believe me, you will never ever be asked to submit your credit card details (or to pay any money) on this excellent site. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ is one of the most effective & absolutely essential resources that every teenager MUST possess! I am currently using the Calorie Counter, and trust me, I was SHOCKED! I was shocked to see that I am galloping more calories than I will ever need. And this is through my regular food! I never knew that. But now I know how nutrient my food is, so that I can make intelligent & informed decisions about my diet, my health. Health is Wealth, and Wealth is coming to you for FREE. Guys, grab one Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal NOW!

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