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Written on Thursday, June 28, 2007 by Gemini

Have you ever tried using the Web Camera (popularly known as webcam)? If yes, then you must have noticed that it is really difficult to shoot streaming videos using traditional webcams (and trasitional software). In fact, it can be a nightmare doing so. But no more - here is a great relief for all you video-junkies out there...

AbelCam is here. It is a webcam server for Windows operating system. You just need to install this revolutionary software, and left everything else to AbelCam.

Some of the striking features that distinguish AbelCam from rest of the webcam softwares are:

  • You can use any capture device (even a TV tuner) to stream video right from your own Windows operating system
  • Support for Tilt / Pan devices (in alliance with industry leaders like Creative, Logitech, Eagletron)
  • Can simultaneously stream video from upto 10 video devices
  • Support for FTP upload
  • Built-in webserver
  • Powerful web administration interface - now control AbelCam remotely!
  • Authentication - You can decide what is visible to whom
  • IP Mapping (i.e. GeoIP) - handy tool to observe where your visitors are coming from
  • To top it up, it offers excellent documentation, help & support
On the website of Abelcam WebCam Software, it has its own Wiki, as well as dedicated discussion forum where developers & users can interact / discuss the issues they are facing. Believe me, you will be more than 100% satisfied with the evaluation version of AbelCam. However, it offers 3 license types:

(a) No License - the software will shut down web server, video server and camera after 30 minutes. It will not require a internet connection to run, but it will try to connect to whenever the web server is started or stopped.
(b) Free License - It will not require a internet connection to run, but it will try to connect to whenever the web server is started or stopped. If that connection fails, it will behave just like No license and time out after 30 minutes. If the connection succeeds, AbelCam will run for 6 hours before timing out. However, you will be allowed to use the free license once per day only.
(c) Pro License - When you upgrade to AbelCam Pro, the software does not require a internet connection unless you want your camera to be listed. It will also not time out even if there is no connection to the internet available. You will also have access to the Premium Member Forums in the Forum.

So guys, what are you waiting for, grab a copy of the this software from product URL:
AbelCam WebCam Software now! This is an advertisement.

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