Everything that would keep your online business running


Written on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 by Gemini

As this title says, you must be wondering what am I gonna talk about “everything that your online business needs…”? Trust me; I had the same question when I first read this wonderful article on Aplus.net blog. It instantly took me by surprise and delight! It is one of those tidy and neat blogs who keep their reader hooked onto. It presents the latest happenings in the online supermarket – everything that one should know in order to expand one’s online footprint – starting from latest buzz on domains and latest applications launches to tips to choose right domain name to latest mergers and acquisitions. Phew!

Aplus dedicated hostingThe recent news – ICANN opens up new TLD’s – instantly hooked me onto exploring it further. On my exploration, I found that this site has content neatly organized in various sections with a neat look-and-feel and intuitive navigation. One can directly go to categories of one’s interest and can also avail some of the fantastic services offered by Aplus.net – like
web hosting (many options like business hosting, dedicated hosting are available), professional web design, etc. Oh boy, you will agree with me that this is like one-stop-shop for all the handy tips that your online existence (not only business) will need to survive. Check it for yourself…

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