Move over Skype - Next Generation Web Chat Tool Is Here


Written on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Gemini

Take a situation where you have a website through which you carry out your business. You notice that your site is catching up visitors. With the help of some online tools, you capture the visitor trends and find out that there are a few potential but undecided customers. You must take some steps to solve their queries, before the leads turn into sales. You do not know how to do this, how to reach out / talk / chat with these potential customers and as a result, you lose your potential sale. How embarassing this is!

Now no more such sticky situations... Here is the next-generation web chatting tool - TrioLive, the Web Based Live Chat solution. Now, you can chat with the potential visitors of your site (wow!), you can even watch your visitors while in action! It is based on the next-generation AJAX technology with built-in Flash interface (which everyone knows is quite intuitive and interactive), and reminders / notifications. It also generates traffic history and analytics (in the form of graphical reports) which can prove to be extremely useful in analysing visitor trends.

Some of the interesting features of TrioLive include: Pre- & Post-Chat Survey, Operator Rating, Integrate with your existing website (in the form of image, text, HTML, or script), Detailed reports and Analysis of site traffic, and Demographic reports, among others. Best part is that it works irrespective of your operating system or the browser! Now that is something!!

Move over Microsoft NetMeeting and Skype. Here is the unique online solution to effectively reach out to your existing as well as potential customers, assist your visitors REAL-TIME to ensure increased sales and better customer service, but still manage to reduce costs and save time.

Visit the product URL: TrioLive - Web Based Live Chat. This is a sponsored post.

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