Best Way To Trade Your Used Stuff For What You Always Desired


Written on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Gemini

In this Internet savvy world, where any information is just a few clicks away... how can music be away from it! How many of us have crawled the net on the lookout for our favourite movie or soundtrack? There are many sites which offer this service, but at some price. Nothing is free, they say! Then there are dangerous viruses for your company (alongwith the download)! Plus you can't guarantee the quality of the downloaded files. If you are lucky, the file you downloaded would be of good quality. Otherwise let God be with you!

We are becoming Internet savvy, but using age-old fundas. Take example of bartering something you have for something you desire to have... How about trading music! Here is a site which, for all practical purposes, does exactly that - Switch What Music You Have For What You Don't... When you register (for free, of course) to this site, you create your own profile, specify your music preferences and your choices about trading music. Then you hunt for like-minded people who are ready to barter (or, switch) their goods for yours. In this way, they are promoting of conserving environment through their "Use More, Waste Less" concept. Don't believe me? OK. Check it out yourself - And did I mention that it is virus-free? - The Best & Free Way to Trade (or Switch) Movies, Music, and Games, and electronics, clothing, tools and much more in future. It is arguably the cheapest way (in my opinion) to get rid of your used / old stuff and own new favourite stuff. You don't pay anything at any stage! It is very simple to use - register, create your profile and mention preferences, find your favourites on the site, and trade old stuff with what you always wanted to have. That's it! No money. No viruses. Only great quality products for FREE! The registration process is very simple. Grow your collection and be a proud owner. There are many social tools available on the site, such as friends, groups and forums, to help members communicate between trades.

Though this is a completely free site, it encourages the users to donate some money (whatever they wish to) to SwitchFunds - a unique "clock" that keeps SwitchPlanet ticking all the time! Guys, hurry up! Sign on, trade, and donate - help this venture to last for ever. Now owning your favourite stuff has never been so easy. It is as exciting as counting 1..2..3! Check this exciting product URL: This is an advertisement.

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