Calendar Synchronization Taken To The Next Logical Step


Written on Sunday, July 22, 2007 by Gemini

If you are an professional in the information technology space, and you use Microsoft Outlook (any version) frequently - to communicate with clients, to synchronize your meetings / appointments, or just to send mails - then you must be facing this issue quite often. "Synchronizing your calendar entries" remains to be one of the most difficult & tedious tasks for professionals like you & me. We enter so many appointments and meeting requests in our Outlook calendar that we forget what is when and where! This problem is also frequently observed with Google Calendar service as well!

But no more... Here I present to you one of the most simplistic yet powerful calendar synchronization tools - SyncMyCal - GCal Outlook Sync. This is a revolutionary service that synchronizes your Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar Service and vice versa. It helps you to keep all your calendars up to date with latest and most recent information. It allows you to securely share your Outlook Calendar, without the Microsoft Exchange Server (which you will need otherwise). And what's more, you can share the calendar with your peers / friends / colleagues! Some of the key features of this brilliant tool are:

  • Two-way calendar synchronization
  • Selective event synchronization through date range selection
  • Flexibility of publishing/not publishing private events information in Outlook® calendar to Google Calendar™ calendaring service
  • Multiple Outlook® calendars can be connected to single Google Calendar™ calendaring service and vice versa
  • Auto update / Auto Sync feature
What it does is very simple. SyncMyCal adds a toolbar to your Outlook® which helps you perform one-click synchronization between your Outlook® and Google Calendar™ calendaring system. You can choose which calendars you want to synchronize and if you want to perform one way or two way updates. Once you are through with this, you can then synchronize your Outlook® and Google Calendar™ calendaringservice for anytime anywhere access, or you can create a company-wide Corporate Calendar, or you can simply publish your Outlook® calendar events for friends and family!! Isn't it exciting??

I was very excited about this tool, and I immediately downloaded it and am very happy to use it! It's truely a user-friendly software and is recommended for all professionals!! This is an advertisement. Link text: GCal Outlook Sync

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