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Written on Monday, July 16, 2007 by Gemini

AMD has a page at its 50 ×15 project, which has counters with estimated counts of the world population and the estimated number of Internet users. The user number grows a lot faster than the population number. 50×15’s purpose is to draw attention to the hope that half the planet will be connected by 2015.

Can the Digital Divide be Eliminated?
According to the average percentage growth of worldwide Internet adoption projected over time, Internet access won't reach fifty percent of the world's population until 2030. Based on that projection and the goal of 50x15 to connect half the world to the Internet by 2015, we developed the above graph to show how worldwide Internet access would be accelerated accordingly. We understand that there are a number of ways to calculate Internet growth, world population, and even the rate at which programs such as 50x15 help increase the rate of Internet adoption globally. We also know that these statistics continually shift and will adjust our graph accordingly. Above all, we hope this graph generates awareness and continued interest regarding how we might all help to eliminate the digital divide.

Internet Usage and World Population Statistics are based on data compiled by AMD, primarily using statistics published by Internet World Stats, which obtains data from Nielsen//NetRatings, the International Telecommunications Union, by local NICs, and by other reliable sources. For more information, see the Internet World Stats Site Surfing Guide. The Statistics presented by AMD are estimates only and do not reflect exact figures. Statistics may be updated periodically by AMD as additional data becomes available.

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